Aikido was developed by Moreihei Uyeshiba (O’Sensei) at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. He synthesized it from various martial arts he learned as a young man. Aikido is non-violent and defensive. It blends the highest level of human ethics with modern martial arts.

Akira Tohei

In 1972 one O’Sensei’s senior students, Akira Tohei (8th Dan),was dispatched to the United States to teach Aikido. Tohei Sensei was based in Chicago, IL where he organized the Midwest Aikido Federation. The lead instructor at Asheville Aikikai, Daniel Palmer (5th Dan), was a student of Tohei Sensei.

In 1983 Daniel Palmer founded Asheville Aikikai as a non-profit corporation. Asheville Aikikai practices Aikido in the tradition of Tohei Sensei. We invite men and women (ages 14 and up) for advanced and beginning practice. Beginners are welcome anytime. If you are interested in observing or joining a class, please feel free to drop in 10 minutes prior to any class. Monthly dues are $50, with discounts for families and students.

Daniel Palmer

We are dedicated to the development of Aikido Spirit. Aikido Spirit fosters the highest ethical standards. Aikido is entirely defensive and is to be utilized only with an unprovoked attack. It utilizes methods of redirecting an attacker’s energy, ultimately projecting or grounding it. When techniques are applied correctly no serious injury occurs.

Aikido Spirit relies on finding and maintaining one’s center, both on the physical and mental plane. Aikido utilizes ki, or inner energy, to focus and cultivate a sense of centeredness, and to energize techniques. Aikido practice strengthens balance, encourages cooperation, and promotes quiet in the mind.

Aikido Spirit fosters respect for self and others, facilitates non-violent behavior, promotes peaceful solutions to confrontations, nurtures self-confidence, and aids in positive development.




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