Aikido is a non-violent martial art that enables a practitioner to harmonize and re-direct an attacker’s force, ultimately projecting or grounding it. Aikido practice occurs on a physical plane, and carries into our daily lives the ability to see through difficult situations. Aikido is a lifelong journey towards harmony with all people.


The physical benefits of regular training are many. As in many budo (martial arts), Aikidoists learn good self-defense techniques and strategies, but with Aikido you will notice that even the simplest tasks, like walking, become more graceful. With regular Aikido training your power, agility, speed, coordination and flexibility will increase.


Other benefits of regular aikido training include greater self-confidence, increased awareness of surroundings, greater tolerance for acceptance of others’ opinions, and a greater sense of self-worth as you see yourself progress. Of course these are but a few of the things

that many people experience, but everyone who comes to the dojo does not

come for the same reason. Some people come for the self-defense aspects, some come for the self-development aspects, others come to “round-out” their previous martial art experiences, and still others may just want to “get in shape”.

Asheville Aikikai was founded in 1983 as a non-profit corporation. We are dedicated to the development of Aikido Spirit. We invite men and women (ages 14 and up) for advanced and beginning practice. Beginners are welcome anytime. If you are interested in observing or joining a class, please feel free to drop in 10 minutes prior to any class. Monthly dues are $50, with discounts for families and students. More information can be found on our website: or by calling 828 777 2416.


Please refer to the Hombu Dojo website for more information regarding Aikido


See you on the mat!

If you’re interested in Aikido, please feel free to watch any class.

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